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<br />.. <br /> <br />RECORDING REQUESTED BY AND WHEN <br />RECORDED MAIL TO: <br /> <br />SANGER & OLSON <br />One Embarcadero Center, Suite 1200 <br />San Francisco CA 94111.3617 <br /> <br />Attention: John M. Sanger. Esq. <br /> <br />MAIL TAX STATEMENTS TO: <br /> <br />Transfer Tax: [None Due <br />Rev. & Tax Code §119111 --p - <br /> <br />PACIFIC SHORES CENTER LIMITED PARTNERSHIP <br />c/o Ko Peter Brandon <br />Koll Oren Realty Advisors <br />399 Bradford Street, Suite 100 <br />Redwood City. CA 94063 <br /> <br />DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT <br /> <br />By and Between <br /> <br />CITY OF REDWOOD CITY, <br />a Municipal Corporation of the State of California <br /> <br />And <br /> <br />PACIFIC SHORES CENTER LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, <br />a Delaware limited partnership <br /> <br />October 26, 1998 <br /> <br />ORIGINAL FOR RECORDATION <br /> <br />0,'I>OC""2'."""""\O"".'" <br /> <br />".Jo..",. U " " <br />